just wanted to type down all the unfinished projects. they are all deamt up as needing mid to high amount of needed work. most of them are therefore not suitable as things to spend time on this year if i want to develop on small projects.

The Projects#


shamelessly named after the bladee song
there are a few screenshots and pngs of this game floating around on my medias. it’s been in my mind for a while, but it’s simply hypnospace outlaw meets mega man batte network. you walk around, open files, view their contents. even if i’ve thought about it a lot, it doesn’t have a lot to it design-wise. i want to flesh it out somehow, but not sure how to make puzzles or game mechanics fit in. multiplayer? strand-like features? filesystem-viewer?

Tankmas 2022 Minigame Submission#


vampire survivors clone with only melee-weapons.

i was working on this minigame end of november start of december last year for the tankmas collab. i however got very stressed with lab reports and work-related stuff so i had to put it on hold. there’s a solid foundation for it, and i have quite clear ideas on how it should work. i am gonna work on this for next christmas!!!

Super Subin#

Subin walk
side-scrolling platformer, influenced by super mario bros. 3.

very doable and on my to-do list. it’s a gift for my girlfriend, but also just a way for me to really get into haxeflixel more. with REALITYSURF i mostly work around haxeflixel, while in Tankmas 2022 Minigame Submission i aactually work with haxeflixel and embraced its features. Super Subin is another title that is a good way for me to get to learn haxeflixel better.

Space Shooter#

untitled left-to-right shoot-em-up.

a lot of simple assets already done. i know what vibe i want and i kind of got a neat little mechanic with picking up and mixing weapons.

also not too big of a commitment! might be worth to work with

Dream Simulator#

top-down exploration. more similar to yume nikki than lucid dream simulator, but based on my dreams.

there was a period in my life where i noted down my dreams and made connections between them. it basically built up this dream map of locations and themes, and i thought it would be neat to make a game out of it. i haven’t made any prototypes of it, and most of the vibes/ideas were brought into REALITYSURF.

besides the above, there are a lot of unclear (as in not properly designed or defined) ideas that i didn’t find worth bringing up. there was a period i gladly created a lot of resources for a fantastical game idea without prototyping it at all. it was good for working with making sprites and stuff, but not very much for developing. to be honest i don’t have many original ideas without them being too big in scope. i thinkcoming up with original minigame concepts is diffcult!