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my backstory? i moved from stockholm the summer before i would start the first grade in elementary school to the small village of kävlinge, north-west of Lund. lund isn’t a large city, it isn’t even the largest in Skåne county (that goes to the damned city of malmö), but i would do my continued studies there and i still am to this very day

the reason to why it came to be Lund, or even skåne for that matter, was that our neighbours from stockholm moved to skåne a couple of months before us. the kids went to a school in Lund, so i started there as well.

i would suggest against googling simply “lund“, as this is apparently slang for c*ck in india… but just like a good d*ck the city is really well-dimensioned. it isn’t too large to make it impossible to get around, but there’s still enough with places and stores to be at. ain’t to many people here, just enough. it’s a student city, with very nice architecture (apart from that “””modern””” brutalism jerk-off shit in rest of sweden)

Fil:Södervärnstornet, Malmö.jpg – Wikipedia
this is from malmö

lund’s buildings are one of the most beautiful ones in sweden 🙂 espc. some of the older university buildings.

the student culture is very nice. university life here is great and it is noticeable across the general city

i’ve discussed lund with several “lundensare” and exchange students, and the general consensuns is similar to the one i described before. is this a gigantic cope? i don’t think so, looking at the admission point-statistics for university, it is one of the more attractive choices across sweden. maybe that says more about the Quality of Education (QoE), but who the fuck cares.

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You’re spinning me around
My feet are off the ground

this year has been quite the reading session.

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the man from säter

the quick incident is a very interesting scandal that came about during the late 90s where-in sture bergwall (named thomas quick at the time of the incidents) pleaded guilty to a large number of murders.

he most likely did not commit a single one of them.

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pig party

That kid’s spine will never be the same

Det är riktigt att Christer Pettersson vid den här tidpunkten, i mars 1986, inte var misstänkt för mordet på Olof Palme. Polisen var inriktad på helt andra spår.

Regarding the suspect of the Palme murder

Tuesday the 27 April 2021

I had just read through the 7th book of the year. “Grisfesten”, written by the well-known swedish boomer Leif G.W. Persson back in ’78. A very down-to-earth police novel, following the two police inspectors Johnsson and Jarnebring in their hunt for the robber of Stockholm 6 post office. Soon bodies surrounding the crime start piling up.

The novel was later adapted for a film under a different name but largely following the same story. “Mannen från Mallorca” was released 1984, with Sven Wolter and Tomas von Brömssen as lead actors. I proceeded to watch that movie after finishing the book, as a side-note. I had seen tidbits of it before, and it was a totally fine police film. It started to turn a bit deep state towards the end of the film, which was pretty funny. Two typical Swedish cops having no idea what kind of power they were messing with, and they came out unscathed without even realizing the danger. It was simply just that, I had enjoyed the book so I proceeded to watch the movie after finishing it.

Leif GW Persson: Partiernas gängsamtal är meningslösa - Samtiden

the author Leif G.W. is beloved by the Swedish people, and his grunts and sighs between every sentence are ever so notorious and nonetheless charming. he is the quintessential boomer, and we all love him for that.

not only is he well-known for his books but his many TV appearances as an expert in police and criminology. he is also simply beloved by the Swedish people.

grisfesten came up on my radar as i had read bits of it in grade school. he has a very “boomer”-way of writing, with little to no subtlety and many remarks over how modern police dramas are simply fantasy and unrealistic. he certainly likes to repeat himself as well.

that was not however the only reason i read the book, he has been very interesting lately due to some recent swedish drama. he is connected to one of the biggest scandals in swedish law, which has been reintroduced into the swedish public after recent allegations against Göran Lambertz, a swedish jurist who has been involved high up in the chain of power. Leif G.W. is not a great friend of his, and i will further indulge in this in future posts.

await the future QUICK-INCIDENT SPECIAL EDITION posts, which will encompass at least 3 different cases in swedish law…………….

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caroline soul

Fy fan, va coolt.
Jag vill också vara jaspilot.

on youtube there is an infamous series of crudely drawn barebones cartoon, expressing an extensive and raw view of the swedish city malmö. this series of videos is created by Henrik Möller, who is a 0 budget-moviemaker. that is, he makes movies with little to no budget.

Henrik Möller intervju i Skåne direkt - YouTube

these movies are crude, and mostly pretty childish. but they all weave together some sort of malmö mythology. you have the kebab photographer, the executioner from teckomatorp, the fighting dog trainer “The Master”, the dimor king who drug himself with prescription-less opium. the list goes on and on.

the completely perfect malmö dialect and insane and vulgar script leads to many quotable lines, every new upload brings great enjoyment.

alongside these videos, there are a couple of live-action low-budget short movies (exploring similar themes and characters), but also some more deeper and less childish cartoons. the most famous one being “The Anxiety Dog” (ångesthunden). today i want to talk about another one of these videos, and the band Caroline Soul.

kaninhoran is a 2006 short and melancholy cartoon about a rabbit committing suicide, but when she finally does so death let her have a final moment of joy.


during the finale of the you-tube clip, a certain song plays. When You Do It by Caroline Soul.

this song caught my heart, and i became a bit obsessed. i wanted to find more of this band, but there was almost nothing online. there existed a bandcamp, but no payments could be made. i had to do with low-quality mp3 bandcamp downloader… there was also a single released on 7 inch vinyl, something i bought (even though i don’t own a vinyl player).

here’s the album in any case… I made a promise I would shape up.

When You Do It
In Good Time
When You Were My Pet
Sarah, Part 2

i have the name of the band figure head, and i’m thinking about contacting him and see if there’s any way to get a higher quality version of the album. i’d pay for it.

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Laplace Transform of Step Input Signal, and it hurts

ecco2k’s look in the peroxide music video is cyberpunk with his swimsuit and really fast shades. i like to think of it as him floating around in his dinghy over the now waterlogged southern netherlands the year 20XX

this is of course only moments before the global food conglomerate BYTE private military division enter a hijacked tanker through the hull of the ship right outside an hangar of Nice, France

play The Sprawl RPG with your friends

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stöd varan-tv

Start with the building block of all narrative.

varanteatern from lund is back after over 20 years off the air and with now almost 2.5 million SEK pledged on kickstarter wow!!!

all swedes know who garsson from tillbaka till vintergatan is but few know the escapades he and his skånska boyfriends at the varanteatern were up to back during the 90s on swedish state television

nämn en mer ikonisk duo.. jag kan vänta. - Imgur
garsson (jonas psykfont) and peo in the hit childrens program “tillbaka till vintergatan”

varan-tv would recieve a cult following but after 2 seasons of swedish comedy they would mostly disappear

But in the year 2020, they would return with an almost 9 minute video, e-begging for a chance to make another comedy series

i’ve already pledged 500 SEK to these bozos, please let them have their 3rd season !!!

if you are in sweden, the entire first 2 seasons are free to watch on öppet arkiv for all to see and enjoy the first season can be a bit rough sometimes but it is mostly just generally good content with soul that EVERYONE HAS TO WATCH

Varanteatern – Liverock

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leo nordwall – force majeure

Haha, Mario could never look this HOT!

i rambled on yesterday about the obscure adventure game Force Majeure II: The Zone and i would like to continue to do so in this post i first saw it during a visit to Västerås Konstmuseum some time between 2010 and 2015 i am unsure actually when it was as i cannot find the specific exhibit i was at online it has simply disappeared (something we will find will become a common trend surrounding this game…) i can’t even be sure if it was Västerås Konstmuseum or the neighbouring Väsmanlands Länsmuseum all i know is that it all went down at Karlsgatan

this exhibit we visited showed multiple swedish game titles through the ages, from the first translated to swedish Nintendo Entertainment System-game to modern AAA’s with one awkward indie game in-between, Force Majeure.


i only played the game for about 10 minutes continuing some save file another poor soul had left after getting stuck on what seem to be an infamous printer-section in-game according to the few reviews and comments i’ve seen i think i started a new file but i didn’t get far after seeing this man

A dangerous zone dweller

it left an impression on me both the style and the name i had never heard before, force majeure an act by god in which no-one has the meaning to prevent, an event out of our control this title has etched into my brain both by me looking it up by asking near and dear and the later swedish movie Force Majeure with it’s very viral scene of the man leaving his family behind during a faux-avalanche leaving his relationship with his loved ones in shambles

Concrete ziggurat

apart from the story revealed by the few screenshots i’ve seen and the intro-video (which reminds me of another adventure game The Cat Lady in its edgy style) i have no clue what the game is about but it doesn’t matter it’s most likely not very good but i still had to find it years later as the seed implanted those many years ago started to g r o w

as what is already apparent from yesterday’s post i failed

what i didn’t mention yesterday was the hunt i went on for the game’s creator, leo nordwall in hindsight what interested me about these searches for answers was the similarities between the game’s existence online and the creator’s current presence as he too is gone like a ghost with several offline emails and some abandoned social media accounts i am ashamed to say i was almost afraid of the potential death of the game’s creator and looked him up on “dödsregistret”

no, he is most likely alive but has abandoned both his project and accounts without much of a trail of reason why

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regarding the subject of internet archives

And yet a trace of the true self exists in the False Self

or how i found a lost album through wikipedia

“Hippodromen” from bob hund’s Ingenting demos – 1992/3

ingenting is not bob hund’s best album hell it’s barely an album it’s a compilation of old demos they probably had recorded in some garage before they were able to properly record their first ep (i think so, at least) whatever it is it used to be free to download through, their website. what happened was that they later renovated their site and people lost the ability to download the mp3s. i also am pretty sure they made limited amounts of physical vinyls of it, only releasing about 1000s of those (note: 1003 according to Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia)

“Kompromissen” from bob hund’s Ingenting demos – 1992/3

some of these demos would later be completely re-recorded for bob hund (that is bob hund the ep (1993) not bob hund the lp (1994)) but a good portion of them were completely isolated into what was for me a hidden gem

Godset 2012: Dipper
this is not bob hund

it is much more primal and punk in a sense with no proper recording equipment and what sounds as a Thomas Öberg that has barely hit his puberty. it is punk, it is garage, it is indierock

i had heard of this album before but never felt the need to actually look for it, it wasn’t until i heard one of the unreleased songs through the bob hund movie that i actually decided to look for it

that song would’ve been “Vem vill bliva stor?” the 8th track on the album so i went on to look for it and went on an internet archaeological hunt through search engines and archives

“Vem vill bliva stor?” from bob hund’s Ingenting demos – 1992/3

it wasn’t my first rodeo as about a year before i had unsuccessfully searched for a very obscure practically unknown swedish indie game named force majeure ii: the zone. through Moby Games i would find a deprecated and removed site for the game, later finding an archived version of it online but no downloads. my search would continue, with finding more and more poor reviews and offline sites of it

with no game except for a short demo the search was left without any results …

it would at first not go any better for the bob hund album if not worse … there were at the very least trails of force majeure (that lead nowhere) but for ingenting it was mostly just a single short wikipedia-page on it i even tried to look up old archived versions of the site trying to find any and all hyperlinks that could lead me closer, but i found none. however i had made one mistake

my mistake was using the swedish version of the article instead of the superior english version

“Ett ja som låter som ett nej” from bob hund’s Ingenting demos – 1992/3

on the english wikipedia article for a swedish demo album by an indie band mostly unknown overseas there were a single url to the website where you were once apparently able to download the full album for free (note: this has now been removed, but can still be found on this revision)

but alas even this url had no bearing on my quest… but the archived version listed alongside it sure as hell had

my hands were trembling surely you can’t download content from an archived page? only the 256 kbps MP3-download page were available to see, but could you actually download them??

yes. yes you could

so regarding the subject of internet archives: thank god for ’em

bob hund - Ingenting (2002, Vinyl) | Discogs

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