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yeah, let’s go see yamcha

What was the name of your childhood best friend?


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hey, winter snakes sleepwalking 7 years in tibet straight to hell

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i’ve gone through one of my most INTIMATE spotify playlists and updated most of the list. there were some songs that simply didn’t intrigue me as much as they used to, and i had several better candidates to replace them.

let me walk through “this is what kills the knose” with you

these are some of the old classics, the behemoths that can’t help pulling my heartstrings 50 years down the line. they really kill me. bob hund’s det skulle vara lätt för mig… is one of the greatest swedish songs to have ever been released. sleepwalking by modest mouse is a great re-imagination of the classic “sleep walk” by santo & johnny. they both kill me. the shift from thomas singing “det skulle vara lätt för mig att säga att jag inte hittar hem, men det gör jag tror jag” to instead singing the absolutely beautiful line “det skulle vara lätt för mig att säga att jag inte gillar dig, men det gör jag tror jag” just ends me instantly.

some other great mentions from this category:

  1. Hey, by Pixies
  2. Straight to Hell, by The Clash
  3. Winter Snakes, by Joy Again
  4. Time (You and I), by Khruangbin
  5. Walking the Cow, by Daniel Johnston (RIP)
  6. America Won + America Too, by Hymie’s Basement

the newcomers, some have waited more than others to join this playlist. bär mig was an instant repeat-favorite for me, with it’s intro and emotional title drop. i have no idea why i haven’t added it to the playlist until now, it’s been on my radar for 2 years. radiohead’s the rainbow is a great fucking album. when it comes to discussing which of the radiohead albums are the best (OK Compute vs Kid A, basically) i’m a kid a-guy. but i do think that in rainbows might be the objectively winner of their discography. there’s a lot of really good songs, like weird fishes/arpeggio, 15 steps, bodysnatchers, and of course, jigsaw falling into place.

other newcomers:

  1. from the roof top~somewhere in the silence[sniper’s theme], by Ilaria Graziano
  2. Be My Baby, by SALES
  3. Désolé ft. Fatoumata Diawara , by Gorillaz
  4. Ambulance, by Blur

groovy new additions to the list. some of them aren’t as solid as most of the songs mentioned before, so they might lose their spot in the future. they are in any case real bangers. i enjoyed the album DAMN, i have to be straight about that. i think it’s a really good concept album, and it has some great deep songs. bitch don’t kill my vibe, from the good kid m.a.d city tho? it fucks. yung lean is another swedish artist that i think is a very charming young upstanding man. his new albums have been great, and i suggest listening to his and young gud’s sideproject död mark as well for more punky shit (the demos are also really goood…). violence really tickles my fancy.

these songs fucks:

  1. Hoe Cakes, by MF DOOM (RIP)
  2. In My Room, by Frank Ocean
  3. YEAH RIGHT, by Joji
  4. Reality Surf, by Bladee

feel free to dive into my psyche, you fucking bastards. yeah, you’d really get a kick out of that huh. fuckin’ loony.

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caroline soul

Fy fan, va coolt.
Jag vill också vara jaspilot.

on youtube there is an infamous series of crudely drawn barebones cartoon, expressing an extensive and raw view of the swedish city malmö. this series of videos is created by Henrik Möller, who is a 0 budget-moviemaker. that is, he makes movies with little to no budget.

Henrik Möller intervju i Skåne direkt - YouTube

these movies are crude, and mostly pretty childish. but they all weave together some sort of malmö mythology. you have the kebab photographer, the executioner from teckomatorp, the fighting dog trainer “The Master”, the dimor king who drug himself with prescription-less opium. the list goes on and on.

the completely perfect malmö dialect and insane and vulgar script leads to many quotable lines, every new upload brings great enjoyment.

alongside these videos, there are a couple of live-action low-budget short movies (exploring similar themes and characters), but also some more deeper and less childish cartoons. the most famous one being “The Anxiety Dog” (ångesthunden). today i want to talk about another one of these videos, and the band Caroline Soul.

kaninhoran is a 2006 short and melancholy cartoon about a rabbit committing suicide, but when she finally does so death let her have a final moment of joy.


during the finale of the you-tube clip, a certain song plays. When You Do It by Caroline Soul.

this song caught my heart, and i became a bit obsessed. i wanted to find more of this band, but there was almost nothing online. there existed a bandcamp, but no payments could be made. i had to do with low-quality mp3 bandcamp downloader… there was also a single released on 7 inch vinyl, something i bought (even though i don’t own a vinyl player).

here’s the album in any case… I made a promise I would shape up.

When You Do It
In Good Time
When You Were My Pet
Sarah, Part 2

i have the name of the band figure head, and i’m thinking about contacting him and see if there’s any way to get a higher quality version of the album. i’d pay for it.

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all caps when you spell the man’s name

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suburban war

This wall is not for the communicative!

And why color shift?

there’s a lot to take in here about my experiences with The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. i think you’d call it a synchronous artwork, as there were many different projects surrounding the album. i’m gonna briefly write about two of these, alongside the album itself, then i might discuss some of the existential horror i feel about suburbs.

Moving Past the Feeling: A Decade in The Suburbs | by Alex Chocholko |  Medium

i actually borrowed this album from the local library in Kävlinge, and i got pretty obsessed with it. it was so different from anything i had listened to before (swedish pop and the beatles), i really enjoyed it.

The Suburbs is the first concept album i might’ve ever listened to, or at least the first concept album that made a big enough impression on ~10 year old me to still linger after almost a decade. it’s one of my favorite albums, and while that is mostly because of nostalgic bias i think it’s still warranted. everything is subjective, but i would like to think there is some objective truth to it being an honest to god excellent album.

just the title track alone is a great expression of the teenage interpretation of the american life in a suburb. the modern millennial living in the american dream is further explored in other tracks, such as “Modern Man” and “City with No Children” (which are both excellent tracks), but i would like to focus on titles such as the title track below, “Suburban War”, and “Wasted Hours” when i discuss the suburban horror

the wilderness downtown was one of the first ones i really remember, it was actually it that brought me into arcade fire and the suburbs with it’s accompanying music track “We Used to Wait”.

i mentioned before how i enjoyed internet experiences a lot, that’s what internet should be about. that’s what you did in school when you were bored, just adventuring and browsing an almost indefinite amount of small interactive worlds.

it might just be the communist inside me who’s talking. can’t really put to words how i feel about how commercialized the internet has become.

a short movie, featuring music from “The Suburbs”

early millennials are very much influenced by the cold war and the economic disasters that struck them during their adulthood, i think it’s very much why they are like they are today (broken and annoying)

this movie has some very interesting scenes, i think the entirety of The Suburbs experience is played out in some alternative history world where-in the cold war actually broke out into full-on war. this would explain much of the background shit that happens in this short film, as well as many of the recurring motifs in The Suburbs (war, bombs and the like). it is also possible that those are just metaphors to broken friendships, while the movie just takes it a bit more literal. i still find it fascinating, and it’s an interesting supplement to the album.

there is one tumblr post i saw a couple of years back that summarize the feelings i have about suburbs. it explains very much the nihilistic viewpoint i have about it in the form of a short slice of life story.

nothing in suburbs feels real, shit like this story happens all the time in a constant cycle and it doesn’t matter at all. some people are born in it, grown up in it and died in it, and their life was in the grander scheme totally meaningless. the suburbs are isolated and empty, draining all life that might exist. all you can do is escape from it, that’s the only way out from it.

the suburbs doesn’t only kill life, it turns life into total mediocrity. you read the text and you realize how average all the characters are, and they seem to not grasp that. it’s what they are comfortable with. these events seem to constantly happen in some suburban families, can you imagine the mental torment it must be to live like this? how do you survive?

i know how bad my wording might sound, after rereading the text i realize that it really seems like i am looking down at these people… that’s not something i want to do. it’s not the people that live in the suburbs that i dislike, it’s the suburbs. it’s the suburbs. it’s the suburbs. it is a place devoid of meaning and life.

i am deadly afraid of my life turning mediocre, i don’t want the suburban life. it’s hard to make a direct comparison between american and swedish suburban living, but sweden is well-known for it’s isolated living. the difference is that the picketed fences that separate gardens and families aren’t physical, they are totally hidden to the eye to the average swede.

[21:54] : 
have you read about the “fun pizza”
it’s suburban psychological horror
[21:54] : 
[21:56] :
i hate it so much
i get cold sweats from reading it
anxiety grows in my stomach
[21:57] : 
Oh yeah I know that
[21:58] : 
i feel sick
[21:58] : 
its great isn’t it
its vault-tec level
[21:58] : 
suburban psychological horror, i hate it i hate it i hate it
[21:59] : 
honestly tho, fruits bop
it’s not the fun pizza that horrifies me
it’s everything else in the story
the fun pizza is just a sympton of something even more dreadful
the promise of the white suburban family life is a lie
it’s rotten to the core
american suburbia is a literal hell
i dread it, literally one of my worst fears
imagine living in a small suburban home surrounded for miles by other completely identical homes all owned by middle class office workers
your wife is neurotic, you are an alcoholic
you both hate each other, but stay because of the kids
the kids are doing ok in school, average grades
the neighbors having it a tiny bit better, which is always why every night there is a fight
about how neighbors are going to slightly more prestigious place for a vacation
and you need to one up them in a passive-aggressive way
it’s the mediocrity of it all that breaks me
nothing of it matters
no ups, no downs
it doesn’t matter
its a life free of consequences
devoid of choice
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Laplace Transform of Step Input Signal, and it hurts

ecco2k’s look in the peroxide music video is cyberpunk with his swimsuit and really fast shades. i like to think of it as him floating around in his dinghy over the now waterlogged southern netherlands the year 20XX

this is of course only moments before the global food conglomerate BYTE private military division enter a hijacked tanker through the hull of the ship right outside an hangar of Nice, France

play The Sprawl RPG with your friends

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the beatles’ “1”

The double-exposed hiding place

still a totally fine assortment of songs wonder why it is called “1” though

also tomorrow it is M̿D̿C̿ , be there

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regarding the subject of internet archives

And yet a trace of the true self exists in the False Self

or how i found a lost album through wikipedia

“Hippodromen” from bob hund’s Ingenting demos – 1992/3

ingenting is not bob hund’s best album hell it’s barely an album it’s a compilation of old demos they probably had recorded in some garage before they were able to properly record their first ep (i think so, at least) whatever it is it used to be free to download through, their website. what happened was that they later renovated their site and people lost the ability to download the mp3s. i also am pretty sure they made limited amounts of physical vinyls of it, only releasing about 1000s of those (note: 1003 according to Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia)

“Kompromissen” from bob hund’s Ingenting demos – 1992/3

some of these demos would later be completely re-recorded for bob hund (that is bob hund the ep (1993) not bob hund the lp (1994)) but a good portion of them were completely isolated into what was for me a hidden gem

Godset 2012: Dipper
this is not bob hund

it is much more primal and punk in a sense with no proper recording equipment and what sounds as a Thomas Öberg that has barely hit his puberty. it is punk, it is garage, it is indierock

i had heard of this album before but never felt the need to actually look for it, it wasn’t until i heard one of the unreleased songs through the bob hund movie that i actually decided to look for it

that song would’ve been “Vem vill bliva stor?” the 8th track on the album so i went on to look for it and went on an internet archaeological hunt through search engines and archives

“Vem vill bliva stor?” from bob hund’s Ingenting demos – 1992/3

it wasn’t my first rodeo as about a year before i had unsuccessfully searched for a very obscure practically unknown swedish indie game named force majeure ii: the zone. through Moby Games i would find a deprecated and removed site for the game, later finding an archived version of it online but no downloads. my search would continue, with finding more and more poor reviews and offline sites of it

with no game except for a short demo the search was left without any results …

it would at first not go any better for the bob hund album if not worse … there were at the very least trails of force majeure (that lead nowhere) but for ingenting it was mostly just a single short wikipedia-page on it i even tried to look up old archived versions of the site trying to find any and all hyperlinks that could lead me closer, but i found none. however i had made one mistake

my mistake was using the swedish version of the article instead of the superior english version

“Ett ja som låter som ett nej” from bob hund’s Ingenting demos – 1992/3

on the english wikipedia article for a swedish demo album by an indie band mostly unknown overseas there were a single url to the website where you were once apparently able to download the full album for free (note: this has now been removed, but can still be found on this revision)

but alas even this url had no bearing on my quest… but the archived version listed alongside it sure as hell had

my hands were trembling surely you can’t download content from an archived page? only the 256 kbps MP3-download page were available to see, but could you actually download them??

yes. yes you could

so regarding the subject of internet archives: thank god for ’em

bob hund - Ingenting (2002, Vinyl) | Discogs

if you haven’t noticed we are now running on HTTPS and the landline between your device of choice and this physical server computer stored in my dormitory is now fully encrypted and secured according to the SSL-standards all thanks to the brave developers of certbot, godspeed nerds

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rapper hitlist

Table 7: How Planck units simplify the key equations of physics

i think i saw this original hitlist on the old mde subreddit before it got shut down about a week after the death of xxxtentacion

somehow it almost came to be as both lil xan and sixnine soon went AWOL (rehab and prison) with only lil pump left in the soundcloud mumble rap game

what surprised me was the recent development somehow sixnine came back (he was apparently not dangerous enough to stay in jail lol) and as we all know is that after lil pump collab’d with kanye west he has been missing (apparently rehab as well)

somehow sixnine is the sole survior from the prophetic soundcloud rapper hitlist

i can’t believe it