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That kid’s spine will never be the same

Det är riktigt att Christer Pettersson vid den här tidpunkten, i mars 1986, inte var misstänkt för mordet på Olof Palme. Polisen var inriktad på helt andra spår.

Regarding the suspect of the Palme murder

Tuesday the 27 April 2021

I had just read through the 7th book of the year. “Grisfesten”, written by the well-known swedish boomer Leif G.W. Persson back in ’78. A very down-to-earth police novel, following the two police inspectors Johnsson and Jarnebring in their hunt for the robber of Stockholm 6 post office. Soon bodies surrounding the crime start piling up.

The novel was later adapted for a film under a different name but largely following the same story. “Mannen från Mallorca” was released 1984, with Sven Wolter and Tomas von Brömssen as lead actors. I proceeded to watch that movie after finishing the book, as a side-note. I had seen tidbits of it before, and it was a totally fine police film. It started to turn a bit deep state towards the end of the film, which was pretty funny. Two typical Swedish cops having no idea what kind of power they were messing with, and they came out unscathed without even realizing the danger. It was simply just that, I had enjoyed the book so I proceeded to watch the movie after finishing it.

Leif GW Persson: Partiernas gängsamtal är meningslösa - Samtiden

the author Leif G.W. is beloved by the Swedish people, and his grunts and sighs between every sentence are ever so notorious and nonetheless charming. he is the quintessential boomer, and we all love him for that.

not only is he well-known for his books but his many TV appearances as an expert in police and criminology. he is also simply beloved by the Swedish people.

grisfesten came up on my radar as i had read bits of it in grade school. he has a very “boomer”-way of writing, with little to no subtlety and many remarks over how modern police dramas are simply fantasy and unrealistic. he certainly likes to repeat himself as well.

that was not however the only reason i read the book, he has been very interesting lately due to some recent swedish drama. he is connected to one of the biggest scandals in swedish law, which has been reintroduced into the swedish public after recent allegations against Göran Lambertz, a swedish jurist who has been involved high up in the chain of power. Leif G.W. is not a great friend of his, and i will further indulge in this in future posts.

await the future QUICK-INCIDENT SPECIAL EDITION posts, which will encompass at least 3 different cases in swedish law…………….

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caroline soul

Fy fan, va coolt.
Jag vill också vara jaspilot.

on youtube there is an infamous series of crudely drawn barebones cartoon, expressing an extensive and raw view of the swedish city malmö. this series of videos is created by Henrik Möller, who is a 0 budget-moviemaker. that is, he makes movies with little to no budget.

Henrik Möller intervju i Skåne direkt - YouTube

these movies are crude, and mostly pretty childish. but they all weave together some sort of malmö mythology. you have the kebab photographer, the executioner from teckomatorp, the fighting dog trainer “The Master”, the dimor king who drug himself with prescription-less opium. the list goes on and on.

the completely perfect malmö dialect and insane and vulgar script leads to many quotable lines, every new upload brings great enjoyment.

alongside these videos, there are a couple of live-action low-budget short movies (exploring similar themes and characters), but also some more deeper and less childish cartoons. the most famous one being “The Anxiety Dog” (ångesthunden). today i want to talk about another one of these videos, and the band Caroline Soul.

kaninhoran is a 2006 short and melancholy cartoon about a rabbit committing suicide, but when she finally does so death let her have a final moment of joy.


during the finale of the you-tube clip, a certain song plays. When You Do It by Caroline Soul.

this song caught my heart, and i became a bit obsessed. i wanted to find more of this band, but there was almost nothing online. there existed a bandcamp, but no payments could be made. i had to do with low-quality mp3 bandcamp downloader… there was also a single released on 7 inch vinyl, something i bought (even though i don’t own a vinyl player).

here’s the album in any case… I made a promise I would shape up.

When You Do It
In Good Time
When You Were My Pet
Sarah, Part 2

i have the name of the band figure head, and i’m thinking about contacting him and see if there’s any way to get a higher quality version of the album. i’d pay for it.

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battle royale | drama

Trim Processes’ Working Set

sometimes the general “asian” dramatization and character reactions was a bit too much for me (i say asian because korean movies do it as well. it’s just general overreactions (characters speaking and moving “loudly”) and similar cliches). it’s still a good cultlike movie, not everyone will like it but that is just how some things are.

i think the last scene before the credits summarized the movie very well, the last sentence really does a 1-2-KO

In this moment, what should an adult say to a kid?

you’ve probably already seen it, i hadn’t yet so i thought it would be cool to watch it. BR2 is apparently gonna bring up some 9/11- and american-centrism which is really cool. it’s the whole deal with non-Hollywood movies, to do whatever Hollywood won’t or can’t do and that’s appreciable.

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the emperor’s naked army marches on – the war, society and kenzo okuzaki

Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.

there are many moments worth watching in this movie without the knowledge of what happens. usually i would not care for spoilers at all, but i would recommend watching this one without spoiling it. some scenes are just that intriguing and sudden.

The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On - Harvard Film Archive
kenzo okuzaki

i knew some of the things that occurred around the pacific during the second world war, where most atrocities were committed by the japanese army against indigenous people and allied soldiers alike. the japanese soldiers were almost if not as brutal as the german soldiers, mainly due to the culture clash of ideologies. the japanese army didn’t believe in surrendering or giving up, and they saw great distaste in foreign enemies who did so.

this documentary dives into some single incidents that occurred, with whom kenzo okuzaki intends to find and reveal the truth no matter the cost

Takenaga incident - Wikipedia
the war

the documentary masterfully shows and handles not only two, but three different subjects during the length of the doc. first of all it’s about the character kenzo okuzaki. i call him a character not because it is a play, but because of how intriguing his history and ideals are. you sympathize with him, even when he does wrong. sometimes you will be almost certain he is joking or playing an act, but then the end hits you. then we have the aforementioned war and the victims of it, but also the effect it had on japanese society as a whole. that brings us forward to the third subject.

KOBE, Japan: Interview Kenji Kondo - THE Stylemate

as kenzo hunts down and tries to interrogate the old men he deems responsible for wrongdoing during the war in new guinea, the japanese society and underlying social taboos are revealed.

all of the men are all elderly at this point. they all would rather forget the war and the incidents that occurred, even if they were directly responsible for it. kenzo on the other hand cannot let things go. his intentions are right and pure, but do they make up for his actions in some incidents in the documentary?