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Weekenders on our own

i’ve been quite rowdy this past year. as mentioned many times before i have consumed many books, but that’s not of course all. i’ve been trying to play and finish a whole lot of games as well! my library has still a lot to go before the rate of games in a completed state is a bit more substantial, especially against the backlog of an ever-accumulating rate of humble bundle keys, and games acquired during different steam sales months and years ago during a more naïve chapter of my youth. i’m wiser now, and limited by spending to games of a more refined taste. if that isn’t a show of maturity and true refinement in consumption of culture, then i’m but a silly silly boy.

disregarding my superior collection of games, here’s some of the ones i want to bring up quickly (a lot of these aren’t completed, hehe)

finished kero blaster not too many weeks ago, and it was a nice experience for those who enjoyed cave story, and i’m very glad that it was made! quite simple gameplay, but very enjoyable. want to check out the complementary free demos as well (pink hour & pink heaven).

the silver case & the 25th ward: the silver case: a common theme around the games i’ve picked up is often the inability (or refusal?) to make many parts of them ANYTHING but extremely tedious, but still dripping with soul and passion. both suda51, swery65 (deadly premonitions, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die,), and Yoko Taro (you KNOW nier) as well are usually common culprits of this. i bring them up as they are mostly from the same “”scene”” (japanese….). TSC and 25th Ward are both something more than, but still simply visual novels with extremely well-written characters and stories that will make your head twirl. the games seem to constantly contradict themselves, but i got very invested into them and their characters. wowza, these games are NOT for everyone, and i think that’s OK for art.

oh me and my boys played a lot of transport tycoon deluxe for a period, it was a swell time! haha. we did a couple of mods as well, mostly for the industry production chains. they are quite simple in the vanilla version after a while, so the possible extensions for them are very welcoming and bring a lot more to the game!

another great game with great characters is of course the widely well-recieved Disco Elysium. you most likely already know about this one, so i’ll continue onwards. (I’m the Friday Tribunal Cop, the Authority Incarnate, Lard Man, Threshold of Pain.)

there’s been a couple of chill smaller indie games added to my weekly gaming. among these are mini motorways, dorfromantik, and islanders. quick to pick up and just play during a short session. very simple and short game loops, haha.

i’m a well-known homestuck enthusiast, and i finally went and played the first hiveswap game. it’s a point&click. first half quite enjoyable, second eh.

northernlion is a menace, and i’m a sucker for the games he’s pushed down my throat daily. snkrx, luck be a landlord, pogostuck and loop hero are among these. some of these games i already knew beforehand, but yeah he’s played them as well so i bunched them together in this section. while we’re still bundling together games into a quick summary, here’s some rougelite-like games i’ve been playing as well: binding of isaac: repenteance, disc room, voidigo, POST VOID.

BOOMER SHOOTERS!!!!!!!! ultrakill and amid evil have been on my mind for a couple of months, espc ultrakill with its great mechanics and ability to put me into a different mindset similar to post void. you just disconnect your brain and let the Flow take you over. it’s great, very great. currently playing cruelty squad as well, and i’m gonna try and pick up dusk! new blood games are really hitting hard, hahaha. amid evil was a treat, dusk is more alike to it (Very quake-influenced). will try and pick up quake too hehe.

other than cruelty squad i’m currently playing axiom verge as well, almost finished symphony of the night so i was kind of in a mood for metroidvanias (and the second one just came out so time to finish the first). need to continue on critters for sale as well, very cool so far. wattam. celeste. omori.

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