about me


This site is continuously updated in a “Stream of Consciousness”-like fashion. New posts and pages appear now and then in periods, usually with me writing them on the spot with little to no revisions. This is done deliberately (maybe even wittingly) to in some way mirror a diary, written for myself. Some of my deeper and more abstract thoughts and ideas surrounding different subjects can in that way be easily reflected upon by myself. Essays of dubious quality are also released alongside posts, mostly because of sudden surges of passion. These posts are mainly archived for my own convenience, but as well for others’ potential enjoyment and interest.

Everything on this site comes without any warranty.

unsure what to write in here i thought about making this whole site like a stream of consciousness which works out pretty well i could just lorem ipsum this entire column but that’s so goddamn overdone it’s not cool it’s not great it’s just some kind of in-joke between soulless web developers it’s an even worse Willhelm Scream i really despise it if it wasn’t clear enough

SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%

![::Send, å
+![::Send, Å
!’::Send, ä
+!’::Send, Ä
!;::Send, ö
+!;::Send, Ö

Cowboy mode…alone.

  • Mr. Pregnant
  • 9 Months
  • Me, Myself, and I
  • The test said +
  • That means dad
  • That means Cowboy mode
  • Alone

i think a text block fits here i’m knös knös knös knos knös

this isn’t pretentious, it’s stupid it’s completely different i’m just messing around with whatever front-end editor this piece of work throws at me

this crap is most likely riddled with holes waiting for whatever loser to penetrate with their Mr. Robot-type level of scripting fidelity what are they supposed to do, hack my ubuntu server running on free electricity? they might just turn the fans wayyyy up and keep me awake at night, that might piss me the fuck off