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my backstory? i moved from stockholm the summer before i would start the first grade in elementary school to the small village of kävlinge, north-west of Lund. lund isn’t a large city, it isn’t even the largest in Skåne county (that goes to the damned city of malmö), but i would do my continued studies there and i still am to this very day

the reason to why it came to be Lund, or even skåne for that matter, was that our neighbours from stockholm moved to skåne a couple of months before us. the kids went to a school in Lund, so i started there as well.

i would suggest against googling simply “lund“, as this is apparently slang for c*ck in india… but just like a good d*ck the city is really well-dimensioned. it isn’t too large to make it impossible to get around, but there’s still enough with places and stores to be at. ain’t to many people here, just enough. it’s a student city, with very nice architecture (apart from that “””modern””” brutalism jerk-off shit in rest of sweden)

Fil:Södervärnstornet, Malmö.jpg – Wikipedia
this is from malmö

lund’s buildings are one of the most beautiful ones in sweden 🙂 espc. some of the older university buildings.

the student culture is very nice. university life here is great and it is noticeable across the general city

i’ve discussed lund with several “lundensare” and exchange students, and the general consensuns is similar to the one i described before. is this a gigantic cope? i don’t think so, looking at the admission point-statistics for university, it is one of the more attractive choices across sweden. maybe that says more about the Quality of Education (QoE), but who the fuck cares.

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