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hey, winter snakes sleepwalking 7 years in tibet straight to hell

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i’ve gone through one of my most INTIMATE spotify playlists and updated most of the list. there were some songs that simply didn’t intrigue me as much as they used to, and i had several better candidates to replace them.

let me walk through “this is what kills the knose” with you

these are some of the old classics, the behemoths that can’t help pulling my heartstrings 50 years down the line. they really kill me. bob hund’s det skulle vara lätt för mig… is one of the greatest swedish songs to have ever been released. sleepwalking by modest mouse is a great re-imagination of the classic “sleep walk” by santo & johnny. they both kill me. the shift from thomas singing “det skulle vara lätt för mig att säga att jag inte hittar hem, men det gör jag tror jag” to instead singing the absolutely beautiful line “det skulle vara lätt för mig att säga att jag inte gillar dig, men det gör jag tror jag” just ends me instantly.

some other great mentions from this category:

  1. Hey, by Pixies
  2. Straight to Hell, by The Clash
  3. Winter Snakes, by Joy Again
  4. Time (You and I), by Khruangbin
  5. Walking the Cow, by Daniel Johnston (RIP)
  6. America Won + America Too, by Hymie’s Basement

the newcomers, some have waited more than others to join this playlist. bär mig was an instant repeat-favorite for me, with it’s intro and emotional title drop. i have no idea why i haven’t added it to the playlist until now, it’s been on my radar for 2 years. radiohead’s the rainbow is a great fucking album. when it comes to discussing which of the radiohead albums are the best (OK Compute vs Kid A, basically) i’m a kid a-guy. but i do think that in rainbows might be the objectively winner of their discography. there’s a lot of really good songs, like weird fishes/arpeggio, 15 steps, bodysnatchers, and of course, jigsaw falling into place.

other newcomers:

  1. from the roof top~somewhere in the silence[sniper’s theme], by Ilaria Graziano
  2. Be My Baby, by SALES
  3. Désolé ft. Fatoumata Diawara , by Gorillaz
  4. Ambulance, by Blur

groovy new additions to the list. some of them aren’t as solid as most of the songs mentioned before, so they might lose their spot in the future. they are in any case real bangers. i enjoyed the album DAMN, i have to be straight about that. i think it’s a really good concept album, and it has some great deep songs. bitch don’t kill my vibe, from the good kid m.a.d city tho? it fucks. yung lean is another swedish artist that i think is a very charming young upstanding man. his new albums have been great, and i suggest listening to his and young gud’s sideproject död mark as well for more punky shit (the demos are also really goood…). violence really tickles my fancy.

these songs fucks:

  1. Hoe Cakes, by MF DOOM (RIP)
  2. In My Room, by Frank Ocean
  3. YEAH RIGHT, by Joji
  4. Reality Surf, by Bladee

feel free to dive into my psyche, you fucking bastards. yeah, you’d really get a kick out of that huh. fuckin’ loony.