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stöd varan-tv

Start with the building block of all narrative.

varanteatern from lund is back after over 20 years off the air and with now almost 2.5 million SEK pledged on kickstarter wow!!!

all swedes know who garsson from tillbaka till vintergatan is but few know the escapades he and his skånska boyfriends at the varanteatern were up to back during the 90s on swedish state television

nämn en mer ikonisk duo.. jag kan vänta. - Imgur
garsson (jonas psykfont) and peo in the hit childrens program “tillbaka till vintergatan”

varan-tv would recieve a cult following but after 2 seasons of swedish comedy they would mostly disappear

But in the year 2020, they would return with an almost 9 minute video, e-begging for a chance to make another comedy series

i’ve already pledged 500 SEK to these bozos, please let them have their 3rd season !!!

if you are in sweden, the entire first 2 seasons are free to watch on öppet arkiv for all to see and enjoy the first season can be a bit rough sometimes but it is mostly just generally good content with soul that EVERYONE HAS TO WATCH

Varanteatern – Liverock