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leo nordwall – force majeure

Haha, Mario could never look this HOT!

i rambled on yesterday about the obscure adventure game Force Majeure II: The Zone and i would like to continue to do so in this post i first saw it during a visit to Västerås Konstmuseum some time between 2010 and 2015 i am unsure actually when it was as i cannot find the specific exhibit i was at online it has simply disappeared (something we will find will become a common trend surrounding this game…) i can’t even be sure if it was Västerås Konstmuseum or the neighbouring Väsmanlands Länsmuseum all i know is that it all went down at Karlsgatan

this exhibit we visited showed multiple swedish game titles through the ages, from the first translated to swedish Nintendo Entertainment System-game to modern AAA’s with one awkward indie game in-between, Force Majeure.


i only played the game for about 10 minutes continuing some save file another poor soul had left after getting stuck on what seem to be an infamous printer-section in-game according to the few reviews and comments i’ve seen i think i started a new file but i didn’t get far after seeing this man

A dangerous zone dweller

it left an impression on me both the style and the name i had never heard before, force majeure an act by god in which no-one has the meaning to prevent, an event out of our control this title has etched into my brain both by me looking it up by asking near and dear and the later swedish movie Force Majeure with it’s very viral scene of the man leaving his family behind during a faux-avalanche leaving his relationship with his loved ones in shambles

Concrete ziggurat

apart from the story revealed by the few screenshots i’ve seen and the intro-video (which reminds me of another adventure game The Cat Lady in its edgy style) i have no clue what the game is about but it doesn’t matter it’s most likely not very good but i still had to find it years later as the seed implanted those many years ago started to g r o w

as what is already apparent from yesterday’s post i failed

what i didn’t mention yesterday was the hunt i went on for the game’s creator, leo nordwall in hindsight what interested me about these searches for answers was the similarities between the game’s existence online and the creator’s current presence as he too is gone like a ghost with several offline emails and some abandoned social media accounts i am ashamed to say i was almost afraid of the potential death of the game’s creator and looked him up on “dödsregistret”

no, he is most likely alive but has abandoned both his project and accounts without much of a trail of reason why